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The Method To Mastery™ is a transformative blueprint to increase sales, drive innovation and build a high performing culture. Below, you'll experience how Cameron utilizes a powerful blend of education & live music to captivate audiences. In this recent keynote, Cameron custom wrote and performed a song specifically for the convention. His keynote received a standing ovation.


Watch The Full Keynote & Experience The Song Custom Written For The Convention Below

For conferences, Cameron travels from his home in Austin, Texas.

Meet Cameron.

For more than 13 years, Cameron has been working with organizations, helping them maximize their potential.

From transformative keynotes with a grand piano and acoustic guitar on stage to retreat facilitation, workshops and executive coaching, Cameron has spoken to audiences in remarkable locations worldwide including Rome, Vancouver, Denver, Sydney, and Mexico.

Cameron currently resides in Austin, Texas and also has a state of the art studio for virtual keynotes and workshops (yes, it has both a beautiful piano and guitar!)

Cameron is also a National Geographic Explorer, TEDx speaker and a proud uncle to 5 remarkable kids.

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"Cameron went the extra mile to ensure our event was world class and his keynote was extremely well received by our members."

Past President, The Canadian Association of Professional Speakers

About The Keynote.

The Method To Mastery
Breaking Through To New Levels Of Excellence.

There are 6 primary stages to mastery that when executed effectively, leads to extraordinary levels of growth. But how do you do that in a world that is full of distractions and competing priorities?

Cameron draws on his experience from working with high-performing companies and elite performers for the past decade, and writing more than 300 songs, to share what it really takes to build unwavering discipline, maintain motivation and stay laser focused in order to achieve your next level of excellence.

You’ll leave with powerful insights and a highly actionable framework that can be applied immediately to improve team performance, sales, innovation and leadership skills inside your organization.

Choose Your Theme.

The Method To Mastery 6 stage framework forms the foundation for growth and a theme is then custom built into the keynote and workshops, tailored to your specific needs.


Discover the steps to igniting creativity and driving innovation. Walk away with a clear set of actions for creating remarkable solutions to your greatest challenges.


Foster a shared purpose and create a high performing culture that drives every member to contribute their best and achieve extraordinary results as a team.


Elevate your performance and boost results. This is an opportunity to refine your sales approach and achieve unprecedented success in driving revenue and meeting targets.


Dramatically increase your workplace and personal efficacy through practical strategies aimed at achieving unparalleled performance excellence over the long-term.

The Method To Mastery™ Options


The Method To Mastery Keynote is a 30-90 minute experience, delivered by Cameron with a grand piano and acoustic guitar on stage.

In this talk, Cameron weaves stories, music and powerful insights into the Method To Mastery 6 step framework, captivating audiences with a unique blend of education and entertainment.


The Method To Mastery Workshop series is for companies wanting to go into more depth with their teams in order to increase sales, drive innovation and build a high performing culture.

This can be delivered as a standalone half day or full day workshop or as a series of workshops over the course of 6-12 months.


The Method To Mastery Retreat is for teams looking to build stronger bonds and reach new heights over the next 12 months.

With customizable options including a grand piano and string quartet under the stars and a literal 'fireside chat' with an acoustic guitar next to the campfire, this will be a retreat your people will never forget.

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7 Reasons To Book Cameron

A dynamic keynote speaker can ignite your event with inspiration and knowledge, leaving a lasting impact on your audience and making your event unforgettable. Here are 7 ways Cameron will elevate your next gathering.


Unique & Insightful

Cameron has spent more than a decade coaching individuals & organizations on how to achieve optimal performance and 20+ years writing more than 300 songs. His unique background provides a fresh perspective into inventive thinking and high performance with real world application.


An Unforgettable Experience

You won’t find another talking head here. Cameron uses music as a powerful way to connect with, move and transform your audience. With songs written about purpose, courage, dealing with change and much much more, Cameron performs live on a grand piano & guitar, and uses music as a compelling metaphor for work and life.


Incredible Stories

When your life spans across multiple continents, the people you meet, experiences you have and lessons you learn along the way make for a fascinating collection of stories that engage, inspire & positively impact. Cameron shares these stories in a relevant and captivating way that will leave your audience spellbound.


Down To Earth & Professional

Cameron grew up on a farm in outback Australia. His moral compass of work hard, do good and be true to who you are lay the foundation for everything he stands for. From the first time you meet to well after your event is over, you’ll be interacting with someone that is friendly, personable and committed to ensuring your audience has a remarkable experience.


A Living, Breathing Example

Cameron doesn’t just teach what he’s learned, he teaches what he has done and continues to do over and over again. With more than 300 songs written and 10+ years of coaching elite performers, his processes for high performance, creativity and innovation continue to be utilized by others and by Cameron himself. He doesn’t just talk about it, he shows how it’s done.


Custom Designed

Your event is unique. Cameron is known for working with event organizers to customize an experience that is high value, high impact and makes you look very very good. What’s more, the music experience is also customizable. Got a grand piano center stage? Epic. Only have room for a guitar? You got it. Want to go big with a full band or string quartet? Thought you’d never ask!


High Energy & Passion

Who needs an alarm clock!? Cameron wakes up by 5am every morning. No coffee. No alarm. His energy and passion drives his commitment to becoming better every single day. You’ll experience that in full force. It’s infectious. Your audience will be inspired to make the most of every moment in their work and personal lives.

Chart your course with the Method To Mastery™ and

navigate your way to extraordinary growth.