Reflecting On The Past 3 Months...

When I first arrived in Europe, I decided to spend some time completely off social media.

Initially it was just going to be for a couple of weeks… that soon turned into 3 months.

I was surprised how easy it was to let go of something that had become so embedded in my life.

I think maybe it was because it felt so aligned with what I was wanting to experience deep down.

And what a remarkable 3 months it was.

I recorded music in Bosnia.

Filmed new music videos in Spain.

Saw my sister get married in Australia.

Delivered one of my keynotes with a grand piano on stage in the US.

Climbed mountains in multiple countries.

And deepened the relationship I have with myself and those closest to me.

Each year I theme my years.

This year is ‘The Year Of Depth’… one of the songs I recorded over the past 3 months is called ‘Something Deeper’.

It’s about this notion of letting go of something you’ve been holding onto in order to become the next version of yourself.

We just finished filming the music video for it in Europe.

You can watch it here.

Social media is a remarkable tool for connecting with and inspiring people around the world.

But it’s exactly that… a tool.

While it’s great to be back, the past 3 months have brought with them some profound lessons.

To ensure I stay connected at a deep level with what matters most in my own life, I’m personally going to spend some time each year off social media going forward.

I hope this experience inspires you to do the same.

Here’s to living more courageously,


Lessons I learned…

1. Focus: By removing distractions, it allowed me to focus in on what mattered most and productivity increased as a result.

2. Space: For something to be created, there needs to be space for it to be created into. In today’s busy world, it can be challenging to create that space and our creativity can be impacted negatively. By having that space, I found it easier to access (and implement) creative ideas.

3. Depth: Time away from social media gave me more time (and a clearer intention as well) to deepen the relationships most important to me.

4. Purpose: I felt I was already very clear on my purpose, but time away from external influences and the ‘dopamine hit’ that social media provides allowed me to get even clearer on what I want and the impact I want to make.

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