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Experiential Keynotes

Blending live music on stage with the talks he delivers on Creativity, Leadership and Personal Mastery, Cameron provides an unforgettable keynote experience.

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Purpose Driven Music

Over the past 20 years, Cameron has written music that has become the soundtrack for many people’s lives.

With more than 3 million streams in 195 countries, Cameron is more committed than ever to creating music that connects deeply with people and inspires them to live a remarkable life. Listen here.

Coaching That Transforms Lives

For more than 10 years now, Cameron has coached leaders from around the world, helping them break through to their next level of excellence and achieve their highest potential.

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Caring about what others think can impact our overall happiness and fulfillment. So in this episode, Cameron shares why you care so much in the first place and gives you 5 tips…


About Cameron

Cameron creates purpose driven music, coaching programs, keynote talks while performing live music on stage & educational videos that empower people to live an extraordinary life.

He has partnered with organizations including National Geographic, TEDx and YPO and coached prominent leaders across the world.

As a result, Cameron has been featured in the media in 7 different countries, spoken at events across 4 continents, and his music has been streamed millions of times across 195 countries.

Cameron loves inspiring change through embarking on bold projects of his own. He delivered the closing talk at Italy’s largest TEDx, collaborated with people from 40 countries to produce a music video demonstrating how to magnify creativity, and recently returned from shooting new music videos with a grand piano in unique outdoor locations in Spain.

Cameron is also a National Geographic Explorer, YPO resource for chapters and regions and a proud uncle to 4 remarkable kids.


I have the honor of speaking to audiences around the world, inspiring them step up to their next level of Creativity, Leadership and Personal Mastery. This helps leaders build better companies, live extraordinary lives and solve our world’s greatest challenges. The music I have written has reached millions in 195 countries and is blended into my speaking engagements live on stage in a way that has a lasting and memorable impact on the audience.

#1: Wondrous Encounters
Unlocking Your Creative Potential

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Creativity is a remarkable tool for enriching our lives, innovating in our companies and deepening our relationships.

In this talk, you’ll hear the humbling story of how Cameron went from growing up on a farm in outback Australia to creating music & speaking on stages across the globe, and how you can use the same principles to turn your greatest ideas into extraordinary outcomes.

Cameron performs his new songs ‘Wondrous Encounters’ and ‘Nothingness’ live during this talk, which are all about unlocking your creative potential.

#2: Hold The Power
The Resilient Mind

Our world is changing faster than at any time in human history. One of the greatest assets we as humans can develop, is our ability to withstand the challenges that come our way in the face of change.

Resilience provides us with the opportunity to become stronger, wiser and more able to overcome the problems we experience through our personal & professional lives.

In this impactful talk, you’ll learn how to harness the power of your mind and leave feeling empowered and ready to handle anything that comes your way.

Cameron performs his song ‘Hold The Power’ live during this talk.

#3: I Created This
Ultimate Responsibility

Taking responsibility for your results when things are great is easy… and so is avoiding responsibility when they are not.

Leaders and teams that avoid responsibility for their ‘non-results’, also miss out on the opportunity to pinpoint the core source of pain when exposed to a challenging situation, and to solve it in order to generate long-term, sustainable results.

Cameron takes you on a remarkable journey of self-discovery & leadership development, where you will learn the latest insights for building a high performing team and be challenged to let go of any limits that are currently holding you back from achieving your next level of excellence.

Cameron performs his new song about taking responsibility ‘I Created This’ live during this talk:

"Holding on a little too long
To something that no longer serves me
I realize that all these lies
I've told myself keeps me trapped in here
So I open up, I'm vulnerable, I'm holding on no more
To the very things that used to be
In the way of all I dreamed about
I hold myself responsible..."

#4: Worthwhile
Living A Remarkable Life

After a defining moment in his life, Cameron asked himself two questions that would completely shift the trajectory of his future: what do I really want to experience in my life? And am I really living? The answer to this second question was a resounding ‘no’ and what followed is a life filled with creativity, exploration, adventure & impact.

In this talk, you’ll learn how to embed extraordinary living into your everyday lives to create a life filled with courage, adventure and unshakable purpose.

Written during the pandemic, Cameron performs his new song ‘Worthwhile’ live during this talk.


Cameron equipped us with strategies that have resulted in Verse creating an enormous amount of connections in recent months, resulting in 31 business partnerships established to date and a consistent flow of ideal clients now being referred. Importantly, this has been done without any significant additional investment in time.

Corey Wastle Founder of Verse Wealth

If you are looking for personal and professional development that is tailored, specific and dynamic; yet anchored to theoretical platforms… Cam is your man! I am a person of conviction and thrive on the journey of learning and developing. This experience truly provided me that experience.

Jacob Burke Brand Experience Specialist at best. design to life, and one of BT&T's 30 under 30

If you get the chance to work with Cameron you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about when I say this guy is a genius and total professional at what he does and the value he can add. He’s my secret weapon.

David Pow Tabain 7 x USA, 10 x Australian, 1 x World Kettlebell Champion and Founder of The 30 Day Challenge

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Get Cameron’s weekly insights on how to live a more productive, happy & courageous life.