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Cameron creates extraordinary keynote experiences, inspiring audiences around the world to turn their big ideas into remarkable results.

With more than a decade coaching individuals & organizations on how to achieve optimal performance and 22 years writing more than 300 songs, Cameron’s unique background provides a fresh perspective into peak performance and inventive thinking.

He uses music as a powerful way to connect with, move and transform your audience. With songs written about purpose, courage, resilience, adapting to change and much much more, Cameron performs live on a grand piano & guitar, and uses music as a compelling metaphor for work and life.

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Idea To Reality: The Incredible Stories Behind Cameron’s Music

The following music videos will give you a taste of Cameron’s music. Each song has an incredible story of how it went from idea to reality; from writing on an out of tune 150 year old grand piano in Budapest to filming music videos outdoors in Southern Spain or collaborating with artists from 40 countries around the world.

The Pursuit Of Mastery
Breaking Through To New Levels Of Performance

To achieve your absolute best, there are 3 vital things you need; Clarity of what you want, Courage to go for it & Commitment to seeing it through. But how do you do that in a world that is full of distractions and competing priorities?

Cameron draws on his experience from coaching elite performers for the past decade and writing more than 300 songs, to share what it really takes to build unwavering discipline, maintain motivation and stay laser focused in order to achieve performance excellence.

Audiences leave this experience more committed than ever to becoming the most remarkable version of themselves, both personally & professionally.


A Bold Endeavor
Daring To Innovate An Extraordinary Future

The pressure to innovate has never been more fierce. In order to differentiate and stay competitive in your industry, inventive thinking and the ability to consistently challenge what’s possible is an absolute must.

Cameron has spent more than 20 years exploring where ideas come from and what holds people back from achieving their boldest plans.

In this insightful and entertaining talk, you’ll learn the precise steps for generating new ideas that spark innovation, and walk away with a clear set of actions for creating remarkable solutions to your greatest challenges.


From Dream To Done
The power to create and commitment to execute

How do you turn your greatest ideas into remarkable results? Without a clear process for implementation, leaders run the risk of wasting time, energy and resources on initiatives that were doomed to fail from the beginning.

With more than a decade of coaching experience, Cameron shares his 5 steps for determining which ideas to pursue and how to make sure your team has the autonomy, competence and accountability in order to do extraordinary work.

Audiences walk away with a step-by-step framework for idea generation and execution that can be implemented inside their organization immediately.


The Flow Of Change
Embracing the new and maximizing its potential

On the road to success, there are bound to be some curveballs along the way. Your ability to adapt is your ability to stay relevant and competitive in the marketplace.

For more than a decade now, Cameron has helped individuals and organizations break through their limits and maximize the potential that change presents.

In this empowering talk, audiences learn practical strategies for overcoming obstacles, strengthening resilience and magnifying their results.

7 Reasons To Book Cameron

1. Unique and Insightful
Cameron has spent more than a decade coaching individuals & organizations on how to achieve optimal performance and 20+ years writing more than 290 songs. His unique background provides a fresh perspective into inventive thinking and high performance with real world application.

2. An Unforgettable Experience
You won’t find another talking head here. Cameron uses music as a powerful way to connect with, move and transform your audience. With songs written about purpose, courage, dealing with change and much much more, Cameron performs live on a grand piano & guitar, and uses music as a compelling metaphor for work and life.

3. Incredible Stories
When your life spans across multiple continents, the people you meet, experiences you have and lessons you learn along the way make for a fascinating collection of stories that engage, inspire & positively impact. Cameron shares these stories in a relevant and captivating way that will leave your audience spellbound.

4. Down To Earth & Professional
Cameron grew up on a farm in outback Australia. His moral compass of work hard, do good and be true to who you are lay the foundation for everything he stands for. From the first time you meet to well after your event is over, you’ll be interacting with someone that is friendly, personable and committed to ensuring your audience has a remarkable experience.

5. A Living, Breathing Example
Cameron doesn’t just teach what he’s learned, he teaches what he has done and continues to do over and over again. With more than 300 songs written and 10+ years of coaching elite performers, his processes for creativity, innovation and high performance continue to be utilized by others and by Cameron himself. He doesn’t just talk about it, he shows how it’s done.

6. Custom Designed
Your event is unique. Cameron is known for working with event organizers to customize an experience that is high value, high impact and makes you look very very good. What’s more, the music experience is also customizable. Got a grand piano center stage? Epic. Only have room for a guitar? You got it. Want to go big with a full band or string quartet? Thought you’d never ask!

7. High Energy & Passion
Who needs an alarm clock!? Cameron wakes up by 5am every morning. No coffee. No alarm. His energy and passion drives his commitment to becoming better every single day. You’ll experience that in full force. It’s infectious. Your audience will be inspired to make the most of every moment in their work and personal lives.

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What Others Are Saying

“Cameron completely committed himself to being part of the team, part of the programming and finding any way he could to raise the group for the benefit of the audience. His level of commitment and energy to incorporating himself in the most selfless manner was remarkable.

Cameron’s keynote address couldn’t have been a more perfect way to close out our conference.”

Education Chairs, YPO Southern 7 Winter Meeting

“Cameron delivered the keynote talk at the Rocky Mountain Social Summit this year. The feedback was outstanding.”

CEO, Carmella Consulting

“Through a powerful blend of education and live music on a grand piano, Cameron’s closing talk at our event in Rome was a perfect way to end a remarkable day of ideas worth sharing.”

Organizer of TEDxRoma


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