Journal Entry - Wrong Plane and Going Viral

In Northern Argentina this morning… took a 5 hour bus ride last night after flying into the wrong airport yesterday – now there’s a first!

About to be picked up to go into one of the last parts of the Interior Atlantic Rainforest.

My music video showcasing the natural beauty of Colombia has been getting shared – a lot!

30 minutes before I got picked up the official Facebook page for Colombia shared my video and it went viral… was being played more than 5,000 times an hour.

Its not every day you fly to the wrong airport!

Living Sustainably

Spending 3 months filming in Colombia was remarkable… The purpose was to create a short film that inspires companies and individuals to act in a way that is not only good for them, but also good for our planet too.

It was also to show first hand, that we each have a unique set of talents and strengths in this world, and the more people using them (and the technology available to us now) for good, the better off our world will be.

All footage was captured with my drone and the nature sounds you hear were recorded while I was in the Colombian wilderness too.

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