Artists From 40 Countries.

From Japan to Venezuela, Uganda to Greece, There Is Still Time brought people together from all walks of life to create a music video with a purpose to inspire change in the world.

It was such a remarkable experience to see people from all over the world wanting to make a difference and be part of something meaningful.

- Cameron

There Is Still Time

Song Lyrics

Look at where we are
Look how far we’ve come
Now there’s changes we must make
While there’s still time…
There’s still time, yeah!

It seems a little crazy
To destroy the very thing
That’s keeping us alive
It’s the reason we’re breathing
Yeah we’ve got a chance to make things right
While there’s still time
There’s still time

It starts with all of us
And the things that we can change
Like all that we consume
The decisions that we make
Every action impacts this world
That we say we’re trying to save
We say we’re trying to save

Sometimes it seems
Much bigger than anyone can handle
But how can we just sit and watch this fade away

Look at where we are
Look how far we’ve come
Now there’s changes we must make
While there’s still time
There’s still time
There’s still time
There’s still time

I wrote There Is Still Time on a grand piano in Buenos Aires in Argentina after spending time living in the Colombian Rainforest.

I remember the feeling in my final days in Northern Colombia… that I needed to be at that piano – almost like something was wanting to be written through me. I had no idea what would unfold after writing the song.

Isn’t it incredible where a simple flash of inspiration can take you when you have the courage to follow through with it.


There Is Still Time was recorded and filmed in the 4 months leading up to Cameron’s closing talk at Italy’s largest TEDx event, TEDxRoma.

His talk ‘What Future Are We Creating’ is now featured on here.

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With people involved from 40 countries around the world, check out this video here and get to know everyone who made this project possible.

Below here, you’ll also see the list of everyone involved in alphabetical order, where they are from and the role they played.

You All Made This Possible :)

Adonijah Imgrund – USA – Violin
Ahjay Stelino – New Zealand – Guitar
Alejandra Vargasa – Colombia – Cello
Ana Pandurica – Bosnia & Herzegovina
Aneley Riva – Argentina
Anestis Triantafyllidis – Greece – Guitar
Angélique Thibeau – France – Female Vocals
Anna Yanova-Cattoor – US / Bulgaria – Female Vocals
Carlo Parillo – Italy – Acoustic Guitar
Catalina Avendaño – Colombia – Female Vocals
Chihana Matsuura – Japan – Mandolin
Juan A. Lepore – Uruguay – Acoustic Guitar
Christine Sparks – Scotland – Female Vocals
Caitlyn Harvey – Australia – Dancer
Salit Cohen-Cheng – US – Dancer
Dawn Bande – Philippines – Acoustic Guitar
Dima Bawab – Jordan – Female Vocals
Doris Banovic – Germany – Guitar
Douglas Brantes – Brazil – Guitar
Dušan Banić – Serbia – Guitar
Elisa Massara – Italy – Female Vocals
Eltina Minarolli – Albania – Female Vocals
Emilie Rose – US – Fiddle
Enrica Di Landro – Italy – Female Vocals
Felipe Abrigo – Chile – Bass
Gabriela Flores – Argentina – Female Vocals
George Crotty – USA – Cello
George Kyriakopoulos – Greece – Drums
Hambe Fathee – Maldives – Darbukas
Helena Sousa Estévez – Netherlands – Accordion
Heorhi Shakanau – Belarus – Guitar
Humam Eid – Jordan – Oud & Kanun
Igor Dimchevski – Video Editor
Ivica Stjepanović – Serbia – Bass
Jiayi Xu – South Korea – Acoustic Guitar
Jose Manuel Ramírez – Colombia – Latin Percussion
JP Alfonso – Colombia – Guitar
Juan Carlos Arévalo – Venezuela – Acoustic + Cuatro
Juliana Gonzalez – Colombia – Female Vocals
Katerina Simeonova – Bulgaria – Female Vocals
Kelsey Le Roux (and Cailin Rabie, Josie McClure & Nina Stevenson) – South Africa – Saxophone Ensemble
Kinya Kiunga & Cleopatra Papadimitriou – Tanzania
Krsto Pandurica – Bosnia – Guitar, Bass & Audio Engineer
Lena Kocherga – Ukraine – Flute
Lotta Lindgren – Sweden – Violin
Luis Salazar Weil – Venezuela – Acoustic Guitar
Manuel Escobar – Venezuela – Guitar
Marcelo Morales – Argentina – Acoustic Guitar
Maria Lamas – Venezuela – Flute
Mario Gogov – Macedonia – Ukulele
Matteo Magariello – Austria – All Guitars
Michael Nad – Ukraine – Bass + Mandolin + Harmonica
Michelle Dawn Bande – Philippines – Acoustic Guitar
Mila Dniprova – Ukraine – Ukulele + Female Vocals
Patrick Dewit – US – Drums
Pedro Romeo – Spain – Guitar
Peter Szuna – Hungary – Bass
Phil Timbrell – France – Guitar
Rachel Aracan – Australia – Bass
Roberto Vega – Peru – Charangos
Sarah Abad – Philippines – Ukulele
Shireen Ghosh – India – Flute
Stevenson E. Oñate – Ecuador – Guitar
Stella Airoldi’s team (Nyeko Patrick, Layet Christine, Achan Grace, Anena Beatrice, Ochola James, Onen Issac, Ola Denise, Ajok Mnica, Anena Jenipher, Abalo Jenipher, Achayo Nancy, Ayaa Ester, Chal Alice, Ayaa Sharon, Akumu Beatrice, Achan Grace, Lanyero Stella, Ayaa Margrate, Laker Susan & Atim Scovia) – Uganda – Percussion + Dance
Stevenson Onate – Ecuador – Guitar
Taras Demianchuk – Ukraine – Violin
Tongo (Angel F. Aguilar) – Mexico – Home Made Flute
Trainees Of The Being Home Transition Center – Philippines
Vadim Dmitriev – Latvia – Trombone
Vanja Dabic (and Oby Bimantara, Cintya B. Smaranada & Abid F. Nurrahman) – Indonesia – Gamelan Ensemble

Mixing Engineer:
Krsto Pandurica

Mastering Engineer:
Jon Törnblom – Canada – Mastering Engineer

Additional Recording Engineers:
Daniel Hitcher – Venezuela
Daniel Leiro Castro – Netherlands
Grayce Soba – Indonesia
Joseph Demerijan – Jordan
Juan Esteban Ruiz – Colombia
Matiss Janis Berzinsky – Latvia
Morgan Taylor – USA
Santiago Tello Ruiz – Mexico
Stan Vdovitski – Ukraine

Camera Crew
Alejandra Yanez – Venezuela
Aleksandar Arnautović – Serbia
Ali Masrah – Maldives
Alvaro Manriquez – Chile
Amjaad Alsha’aban – Jordan
Aretha Yñiguez – Philippines
Balázs Karpathy – Hungary
Daniel Leiro Castro – Netherlands
Dmitri Krasnokutski – Ukraine
Francisco Montoro – Uruguay
Grayce Soba – Indonesia
Hussein Muzhir – Maldives
Isabella Arévalo – Venezuela
Jimmy Cohen-Cheng – USA
Juan Andrés Cruz – Colombia
Katerina Dergacheva – Belarus
Kjell Redal – USA – Filming at Garden of the Gods Colorado
Loren Sandoval – Austria
Maria Westerberg – Sweden
Matiss Janis Berzinsky – Latvia
Maxwell Hobbs – USA
Michele Colucci – Italy
Mihaela Mihaylova – Bulgaria
Paco Ojeda – Mexico
Stella Romana Airoldi – Uganda
Tearna Sayce – Australia
Yulia Pysarenko – Ukraine
Zaid Shiyyab – Jordan

Special Thanks To:
The City Of Colorado Springs, Colorado USA
Asrama Bali Local Community Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Jordanian Ministry Of Tourism And Antiquities, Jordan
The Department Of Antiquities, Jordan
22Stars Foundation, Uganda
Keyboard Carriers, Colorado USA

To everyone that participated in this project and to the countless others who played a role behind the scenes in bringing this vision to life… thank you!

Without your passion and commitment, none of this would have been possible.

I hope this project is something you will be proud to have been a part of for many years to come.


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