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We’ve grown closer
As the years roll by
Those deep conversations
Sharing what’s on our minds
You’ve found the one you love
And it’s only just begun

I wish all the best for you
Yeah I raised a woman
Who I know will be ok in this world
And I’m so happy for you

You taught me to never give up
We might be far apart
But you’ll always be in my heart
I’ve found the one I love
And we’ve only just begun

Thanks for all you’ve done for me
Yeah you raised a woman
Who knows her strength to take on this world
And I’ll always love you

Yeah I raised a woman
Who I know will be ok in this world
Still I’ll be here for you

While we were in Italy together in 2018, my sister Holly asked if I would write a song that her and dad could dance to at the reception of her wedding for a father daughter dance.

Honored, when I next got back to Australia, I sat down with dad at the kitchen table in the house we grew up in and spent the evening asking him about what Holly meant to him and what he wished for her future.

I wrote the song itself when I got to California, shared the first version with Holly and she mentioned some of the words that she wanted to convey from her end to dad.

I recorded the song in Bosnia with my producer Krsto and Nevena recorded the female vocals while we were there (thank you so much Nevena!)

And for the father daughter dance at the wedding reception, Holly and Dad danced to the song… it was beautiful.


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