The Inspiration

Reflecting on the relationship that we as humans have with who we have been and who we’re becoming, I wrote ‘Something Deeper’ in Santa Monica, California in early 2019, then traveled to Europe where we produced the song and filmed the music video.



I search for something deeper
Than I’ve experienced
I push this down a little further
‘Till I no longer feel
And I’ve broken every promise
That I’ve made to myself
Now I’m longing for something more

Holding on to you
Holding on for you

I have so many questions
That I’d love answered now
Has this all just been a waste of time
I thought these lies would help
Now I’m over the pretending
It’s all I tried to show
Now I’m longing for something more

Holding on to you
Holding on for you

Holding on to you
Holding on for you

The lyrics ‘holding on to you’ represent holding onto an old version of yourself even though it’s no longer serving you, while ‘holding on for you’ represents that next version of yourself… who you’re becoming.

It can be challenging to let go of who we have been, but it’s necessary in order to truly step into who you are becoming.

Music Producer: Krsto Pandurica
Mastering Engineer: Jon Tornblom
Music Video Director: Dan Hart
Photographer: James Wilmot



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